Sun And Bass Records – ArpXP – Fade Away EP – [Review]


Besides being one of the most popular D&B fests in the world; and a podcast; Sun And Bass also has a record label in case you didn’t know and, for their fifth release this October sees them coming back again with ArpXP’s Fade Away EP.

Four hot tracks to go through, setting it off with the title song featuring MC Fava which, featured on the Friction’s BBC Radio 1 show late last month. Hearing the tune was no surprise indeed; Fava did some smooth lyrical justice here; skating on the dark and distant scenery that it comprises of and; the beat, disappoints not either. Definitely, it is a hit this one.

‘Fifth Step Is Goodbye’ comes through on a classic and matured Jazzy tip, coupled with a deep and heavy bass line to emphasize the feel. On the emotional level, we think it’s quite a sad song in a way but, still good for the ear though. ‘Dancers Of The Stars’ on the other hand, elevates the conscience to other-worldly frontiers, in a calm, smart manner; and has no emotional connotations, just sounds that dwell on the mind.

The fourth and last song is another something hot to look out for in the EP, titled ‘Endless Summer’. It is a strictly instrumental song that is pumping, and full of energy. It just goes nicely with flowing, Liquid goodness and, is easily fitting that it should be made, or dubbed as the theme song to the Sun And Bass festival.

We really had a good time listening to Fade Away EP and, without a doubt; this installment from the Sun And Bass record label is absolutely a good dose of fine-ass, seasoned Drum & Bass music.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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