Soul Trader Records – Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler EP – [Review]


His sound contradicts his pseudonym, funny enough and; it is quite an interesting one at that. From Poland, it spreads throughout the rest of the D&B world at large. Just recently, he rolled out ‘Spin With Me EP’ [Fokuz Recordings] but now; things have gotten cheeky like the Chihuahua on the album art.

Firstly, we’d like to say that we really dig both the songs in this latest Soul Trader release (the label’s seventeenth to date). Having noted Silence Groove in the EP prior to this, we were already hooked with the style therefore; pressing play this time around, we fell straight into the soulful sounds of ‘Care More’. The hook abruptly welcomes the joint with an excited Amen break then; it dips down the parametric well with a low filter; before re-emerging with an influx of Liquid-Soul and uplifting atmospherics and, the rest is lovely listening history.

Next… enter the title track; ‘Cheeky Growler’– beginning with a cool, tantalising intro. Some interesting play of filters sets the melody of which is almost in the background, making its necessary transitions and phases throughout the song. As for the drums; in the first part, they run slow then; switch to a faster groove after the track breaks; towards the song’s end which, just cuts off instantly like snapping fingers. It is quite a simple-sounding song but, with a not so mundane play in production and feel.

We speak on any listener’s behalf with this one that, Cheeky Growler EP is one fine-ass listen. What Silence Groove does is just another progressive example that, the essence of Soul and/or Funk that makes Liquid D&B will never fade out as long as music exists.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler


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