Dread Recordings – Digital – Steady Eddie EP -[Review]


For some of us, Digital has been amongst the first, easily notable artist names in the beginning of our Jungle/D&B path, all those years ago and; obviously, that came with giving his music attention then, and now. 

It’s good to see that, Digital has ceased not in consistency throughout the long years in the game, and being the figure he is with a fresh, new release under a long-running label that has “the finest in Jungle & DNB since 1994” surely, these four jams are bound to be a hit this season.

The Jungle spirit is invoked from the get-go without hesitation. The low, sub-bass frequencies of ‘Steady Eddie’ are quite deep and powerful that, only that good sound system at a Jungle session can justify and speak out what the wise, ancient bass is trying to say. Both the high and low ends are perfectly balanced for some clear listening pleasure. ‘Moody Runt’ similarly comes in and continues the momentum in this trippy, Jungle trip. The joint was mixed and concluded with an intention of making it sound seriously old-skool and gives off this nostalgic, time-travel feeling of what the culture was before the name “Drum & Bass” was conceived; it’s as if we dug it out from Uncle Lukie’s vinyl treasure chest.

Beyond the vinyl; and mainly included in the USD release, there’s ‘Luv Dub’  and ‘Unexplored World’ for the serious dance floor Steppas who, like their beats running and rolling fast and, possessive of that influx of instrumental activity.

In actual fact, the EP comes as a 12’ vinyl release and, in a nutshell, it’s summarized and labelled as “sonic, atmospheric Drum & Bass, Jungle Break(s)”, it sets ablaze the Jungle way of shookin’ n’ jivin’.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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