Druid Records – Wresker & Kilobite – Alone in the Dark EP – [Review]


Druid Records proudly drops Alone In The Dark EP this month by German-born Wresker; forming an interesting, sick, and twisted D&B duet with a partner, assuming that it is an extended manifestation of his musical conscience.

The unlikely pair come through with just two singles; and an added bonus (Beatport exclusive) as an extra treat for getting down and dirty with the filthy beats it contains. The two singles in question are ‘Alone In The Dark’ and; the intricately titled ‘Calculon’.

Contrary to the phrase that makes up the title; the sheer heat, the fire contained therein will not make one a loner stuck up in some dark, black corner of the club. Instead, they are the type to make you just wanna lose yourself and dance in unison with the communal crowd. The favourite, most unique and banging must be the Beatport exclusive; the single ‘Gravitron’ with all due respect, without insult to the main couple. The song paints a picture of a distant future in our existence whereby; advanced technology and space travel first comes to mind, the rest is up to imagination to potentially interpret.

As a whole, we are looking at an array of electrifying synthesis and arrangement; coupled with, and carrying a merciless sonic thrust that masochistically grinds the eardrums and makes the body temperature rise, probably not further from the body instantaneously combusting.

The EP makes a perfect reference point when it comes to recommending that Neuro-Funk Drum & Bass. Therefore, this one is strictly for gutter-pound Ravers, and not for seeking laid-back, clean, and neat stuff.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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