Mac 2 Recordings – Dawn Raid – Make Me Move EP – [Review]

After having their musical work introduced to DJ Randal (including some remixes done) just a few years back and; seeing their single ‘Red Sonja’ part of the Pieces LP a year ago; finally, 2016 sees the accumulation of that work in the form of Make Me Move EP.

The title song; ‘Make Me Move’ is a cool and tight collabo, conceived through pure inspiration. In an interview published by Drum & Bass Arena last week, this hot-steppa, banger of a tune is what came out when the Manchester duo was visiting their long-time friend and fellow Junglist, K-Jah (Ruffneck Ting). It fundamentally explores the classic side of the Jungle sub-genre. On the hand; the first of these three tracks that make up the EP, is called ‘Light The Beacons’ and, explores the opaque side of Jungle, and it strictly sounds proper old-skool too. The distorted, Toaster sample adds a herby dash of vocal flavour in the mix.

Lastly; ‘Bartender’ is also in the check especially, if you Love yourself that smooth Liquid. Besides getting the whole idea from the title, the sound itself, and the vibes it pumps out, make the song an epitome of a catalyst that brings out the endorphins when it enters. I guess this is Dawn Raid showcasing their creative Soul through this hit. It contains elements of Hip-Hop; some Classic Soul music from back in the day; and it has this notable, nice sound in there that sounds like the clinking of some glass which creates distinction from other songs.

The production and the final execution of this extended play is indeed flawless; fuse that with the creative aspects and styles that Dawn Raid brings to the table, you got yourself something that makes you and I move.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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