MethLab Recordings – Audeka – Lost Souls LP – [Review]

This LP is a debut release by a group of three individuals, combining their musical talent and creativity to form a musical entity called Audeka. It is titled ‘Lost Souls’ and, it comes loaded with fifteen songs.
Track one; ‘Engulfing Darkness’ plays the role of the intro to the album, with a somewhat dark, murky atmosphere floating over a hard and heavy Dub-Step break. The same goes for a lot of the songs that follow so basically, this is like a Dub-Step album so to speak. Besides that, he abovementioned elements of the intro make vivid the concept and structure of the LP’s theme. The tempo does increase with a bit of Drum & Bass transition but; it’s only in two songs out of the whole fifteen, i.e. ‘Ancestral Call’; and ‘Primordial’.

Then, there’s ‘Into The Deep’; something that sounds like some Electro/House-influenced jams of which, an expert in such a sound can describe better. As for the softer, more chilled-out side of things for relaxing; ‘Lost Love’; ‘Mending Tree’ and the last song, ‘Beautiful Souls’ do wonders in taking care of that in an outstanding way.

On track eight, Rawtekk makes an appearance to bring back the dead in ‘Necromancy’. It starts with a ritualistic chorus of female voices that beckons for further listening of their words then, drops to one slow, zombie break. When the maiden’s voices return, all hell breaks loose with the thunder.

Lost Souls LP is ideally suited for those who love their Dub-Step considering, that the trio has a solid background of the genre, together with D&B. Everything aside, the project gets praise for its creative conceptuality.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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