Audio Addict Recordings – DJ Hybrid – Mixed Origins Remixes – [Review]


Mixed Origins was released last year and, it contained a total of fourteen tracks. Fast forward to the present; comes an eight-track, first volume to the album songs’ remixes with an array of contributors taking part in the task.

We have the likes of Callide (System Shock) putting slightly more energy, equally killing it with his idea of ‘It’s Murder’ from the top and; whilst going through and checking out all the artists in the list, it was anticipation and excitement to hear what Ray Keith (The Dread Recordings) and Benny L (Dance Concept) have set out do with their respective versions in the mixture. The former, comes through with his merciless Jungle sound, a signature he’s renowned for since way back in ‘Run Away Feat. Sinead McCarthy’, with the vocals blended in neatly in a very superb way. Benny L comes with the remix for ‘Bring It Back’, and it’s nothing but sheer, invigorating energy pumped full of turbo.
The rest of artists featured are the roster, are likes of the duo who go by the name Section (Jay B and Solley); DJ L.A.B (Fat Ape Jungle); Samurai Breaks with the “gully bass riddims and quick fast Samurai cuts” and; Schematic throwing in something rough but, fancy in the concoction. There’s also Livewire’s deep, dark and lovely remix to ‘Coming Up’ and thus, completing the eight tracks of the first volume.

The Mixed Origins Remixes is a clear definition of the title, literally and, it promises to offer a splash of different artist backgrounds and musical flavours for your ear buds, it doesn’t get nicer and diverse than this. Now, we await the second half of the mixture.

Words By: Tsheola “Vagabond’ Asavela


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