Fokuz Recordings – Air.k & Cephei – Just Because EP – [Review]


The never-disappointing Fokuz Recordings has once again… not disappointed. Presenting a very powerful and talented two-man team i.e. Air. K & Cephei with something brand new, and fresh with the season. They call it Just Because EP.

The song ‘Desire’ ignites the fire and lays it all out with an elevated atmosphere, defining a strong passion, which is ideal to enhance the mood. On the other hand, you have the magnificent sound of ‘Savannah’ which feels like it tells a story of a utopia you dream of visiting. If that’s the case then, this song is the map. Speaking of travels, the mystical ‘Shambala’ takes it deep, through the portals of the hollow Earth with bass lines sunken deep in the depths of the abyss. This for us is Intelligent Drum & Bass gone electrifyingly hard.

Three amazing numbers; plus the hard-hitting drums and the demented bass of the title song, ‘Just Because’ make up and complete this magnificent EP. The whole EP is basically made up of soothing classic instruments and soulful vocals, clashing with the sonic shocks of the electronics and the futuristic.

This is an open and shut case, why? Just, because it is that this release is hot. We recommend Just Because EP, no matter the party vibe, this goes well with it.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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