Fokuz Records -Need For Mirrors/Concord Dawn – Willow Grain EP – [Review]


Willowgrain EP marks another milestone in NDM’s music career although, it is just two songs; they add on a lot more weight than meets the eye. This time, the man behind Zoltar comes banging with Fokuz.

The title song of the EP features the legendary New Zealand duo, Concorde Dawn (Matt Harvey and Evan Short) in a one-of-a-kind collaboration; coming in with a moderate, mature Liquid sound that will have your feet tapping and have your head in a bit of a bop. It has this hypnotic melody that plays throughout the track which does wonders in making the song unforgettable for times to come. Besides that, it reminds me of a place in my imagination called Honeywater Park where the vibes are always sweet, tranquil and flowing.
As for ‘808 Mindstate’, the title speaks of commemorating the classic 808 drum with some serious activity and energy of the drum track; racing under a Jazzy and ambient atmosphere of the tune; and adding to the whole mix, is a speech sample that has been sort of modulated to sound distorted and old. This tune is an anthem for the beat makers and their drum machines or; generally speaking, all of us who love and celebrate the iconic, beautiful beat of the Roland 808.

This is pure, matured Drum & Bass at its finest. It is definitely worth listening to, and having in your most priced music collection, in general because, this is a win. Even NFM’s track record testifies the fact.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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