Translation Records – Out of Fuel – Ghost Notes EP – [Review]


The change of season comes with Translation Recordings dropping this EP by a group (duo) called Out Of Fuel who, have managed to deliver something interesting, and possessive of a cool title.

Ghost Notes EP contains a play of five tracks; with ‘Harsh Reality’ playing the role as the intro with a lonely, and chilled out attitude stretching for seven minutes. ‘Tension’ uniformly follows behind, maintaining that Minimal effect however, it contains a little more activity to cater for some body movement. The next number is rightly titled ‘Ghosts’ and it properly picks things up a notch, without the loss of the eerie atmosphere; and the ghostly, mystical theme. No doubt, it is quite a good song at that.

We enjoyed the Reggae and Dancehall inspired production behind ‘Wallyard Riddim’ and marvel at the creativity that inspired the outcome of this tune. It’s ideally something that blends in well with that outdoor, cool, relaxed, nice weather kind of vibe. Lastly, ‘Unconsciousness’ plays out smoothly to wrap it all up on a neat note.

Contrary to the group’s name; the EP keeps it moving steady but, at an easy-going, gentle pace. We recommended Ghost Notes EP for that mature, timeless texture of the music and of course, the good sound that comes out of it.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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