Free Love Digi – Fade – Xenomorph/Wounded – [Review]

Faded CEO, Fade headed over to Free Love Digi to bring you their fortieth commercial release.  It is in the form of two singles namely; ‘Xenormorph’ and ‘Wounded’.

Pressing play to give ‘Xenormorph’ a first time listen, it was hard to define it in layman’s terms as to what to call it exactly however; it sounded good in its own unique way.  It fits in nicely with almost any peak in a DJ set at a Rave with its banging persona.  However, it has a nice and innocent, harmonious beginning.

‘Wounded’ on the other hand, is the main attraction here with all due respect, it definitely gets a hats-off and a bow.  In a timeframe of five and a half minutes, the song changes thrice; going through two musical transitions, starting with an interesting melody and a crisp break-beat after the intro; as well as towards the outro.  Going to the middle; when the beat stops, and the eerie melody goes on in the dark silence; this is where the track prepares to take off with a super Drum & Bass drop, without really stopping the rhythm, really.  There is no mistaking the dark, weird, and mean attitude found in this tune; and how really nice the whole tune goes with the psychedelic flavour it possesses.

The other thing worthy of interest, and worth noting; is the brilliant artwork done on the cover.  A good album cover adds sentiment to good music.

Fade is undoubtedly one of the most experimentally creative, versatile, and talented artists in the D&B spectrum. And once again, he has come up with a product that shows an aspect of the above-mentioned.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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