Sirka – Coherent (Original Mix) [Independent] (2016)

Meet Sirka… he seems to be one talented artist/producer with this, hailing straight from the southern hemisphere (South Africa) and, he brings with him a single tune available for free download, for all the heads out there titled ‘Coherent’.

It picks off with an interesting, classic-themed intro; a calm build-up; before heading for the drop. It’s safe to say that; we are looking at an original mix directed towards Liquid/Intelligence in orientation or style; and contains a powerful, one-worded vocal sample echoing off into the horizon as the beat goes on; with some neat low frequencies of bass and the strength of what sounds like a horn-like, distinct sound coupled with it at intervals. To complement the rest of the sound is the song’s non-exaggerated or rather, simple melodic patterns; dominating the track in this instance. As for the feel, it brings a sort of enticing, euphoric sensation, whilst at the same time bringing in a utopic and nostalgic element to it. In a nutshell, this freebie is kick-ass in its coherent, harmonious design.

The production herein is, for emphasis; as neat as a freshly cleaned and pressed suit; and the song itself is easy-going and as enjoyable as a Sunday treat.  It is such music that contributes in putting SA in the Drum & Bass map as it is meant to be.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Social Media Links:

Facebook Page :

Soundcloud :

Mixcloud :

Instagram : sirka___


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