Eatbrain Recordings – Maztek – Grinder EP – [Review]


Eatbrain recordings has yet brought us another brain picking release from an uncompromising Italian producer that is Maztek! Without further ado, let’s bask in this fully fledged Grinder EP.

Dark alley ways howling sounds of threat intro the picture painting of Blaffer, a portrayal of the hazard that is the combination of the workings of both Maztek and duo, June Miller. A track that boasts precision engineering with a vicious snarl. Next up on the roster of this EP is the title track Grinder which comes in processing some serious volcanoe lava, really solidifying it’s sheer weight on the EP with sharpened gearing edges.

Tangle intros with a trot paced snare from a distance and then building up to drop in thick and bouncy with some tangled up aggression seething the frequencies. This track shows great articulation, voicing barking like sounds but still musical. The fourth tune is Good Question which features the vocals of Leah Vee, female emcee spitting barbed wire bars on the mic. A glitched up delivery of her word plays keeps the track nicely on the leash as it’s ridden steadily. Now the final tune comes in as a remix of Maztek‘s Stompin’ tune which came out around 2014 but is now laced with the brainwork of Mob tactics on the rework and is certified debauchery! Check the link below how it goes down!


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