Mac 2 Recordings – Shoto – Atlantic Boss EP – [Review]

Shoto - Atlantic Boss EP - IMAGE

Introducing Mac 2’s newest signee to their camp with an EP titled ‘Atlantic Boss’. Who is this Atlantic Boss? Well, we decided to investigate by giving this four-track offering a good listen, courtesy of Mac 2 Recordings.

Firstly, the EP gets a thumbs up for originality which; is a very important aspect of every artist’s work more than what you think of the actual material. In this instance; tracks like the hauntingly sounding (and containing voices), creeping and calling out- ‘Alice’ (which comes on first) and; ‘Kira’ (meaning “killer” in Japanese) with its Minimal-inspired production, with a good dash of mean hardness to it, pierces your ear holes with murderous intent and eeriness. A quick skip to the last number for a moment; titled ‘Unruly’, is the first of two highlights to scrutinize especially, those who like their concoction of raw, square-synth bass; over something like an instrumental Liquid taste, meets cloud 9 atmospherics.

The other highlight to check out is; the all-revealing, title track ‘Atlantic Boss’ which, sends out a proclamation of Shoto’s title as the Atlantic Boss in the form of one remarkable jam. The production is meant to sound dark and sinister, and sets out to tell your body to get down when it drops because; the Atlantic Boss said so with the music.

The conclusion to the investigation is met with the apparent notion as to who the title is talking about. With that said, we at BFTR have our answer, without the necessity of paying any mind to the authenticity of this Bolton native’s deserving claim. Allow the music to explain.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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