The MC Fats Collective – 624 EP – [Review]

MC Fats - 624 EP -IMAGE

MC Fats is amongst the top renowned and iconic MCs in Drum & Bass music, and culture scene. With his MC Fats Collective project, he mashes up different artists in the game, to bring you some listening pleasure. Such is, this 624 EP.

This fifth release from Fats’ stable features a total of five tracks, all different in their own right. Pressing play, you are met with ‘Rise Up’, a collabo with Alibi (Level 2 and DJ Chap); this is the perfect morning anthem to prep you up for the day ahead, with its auditory comparison to the break of dawn. Next, Brother and Mini M enter with ‘Around The Way’ which, is some Jazz-Step; classic and soulful in every way. Expect to hear a duet of vocal talent; an interesting array of mature sounds in the form of piano keys; horns; and some string bass, taking you to the days when our parents and grandparents used to tap their feet to the rhythm.

‘Rolling Day’ makes an appearance twice i.e. the original mix and; the remix, compliments of Philth (Dispatch Recordings) with his idea of what “an ordinary rolling day” is over some thundering bass synths and harmonic pads. It features MC DRS (Broken English) with his lyrical ingenuity, as he spits some seriously dope rhymes we know him for. He starts calmly then, speeds up his lines to synchronise and keep up with the beats. As for the original version; DJ Squarewave (Nasha Experience; New World Audio) slowed down things, and decided to take it easy but, still keeping it gutter. The two versions are incomparable for, they are totally different styles of production.

Coming in at track number four is ‘Many Times’; some teamwork with the Jungle DJ/producer, Serum to present something sick. The big man here; does what made a bunch of us fall in love with his vocal style, skill and creativity on the mic (microphone). A bouncing bass line over an Apache break, substituted with claps for snares; with nice, symphonic strings pouring out the high notes.

MC Fats is an all-time favourite therefore; with all due respect for this icon and what he has contributed towards the music, this EP gets an all-panel vote for recommendation from us. As a simple, last note: 624 EP is highly an impressive piece of work from a D&B great, past and present.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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