Detail Recordings – Lynx – WHAT! /Coffee Blanche Feat. Radzta – [Review]

Lynx - What - IMAGE

Lynx comes through again, with a double-single after having released his label’s first project (Vault 1) after re-launching about a month ago. Detail Recordings brings you a second offering this month.

‘What!’ starts with a Techno intro that sounds distant, you’d think it will lead to a wild drop but instead; you get a gloomy, dark feel in the sub-bass lines; together with slow yet, rapid-firing drum pattern and whacking claps. Added herein, are nicely-laid voice samples; as to “what” they say, is quite simple.

Next, is ‘Coffee Blanche’ featuring Portsmouth homeboy Radzta. Hearing this one, made me understand as to why Detail is regarded as a “fresh thinking Drum & Bass label”. Although I wasn’t fully taken away by it, it did have my head going up & down. For comparison, I thought of some DJ Patife’s old school work but; with a raw, reverberating and; the brightest side to the song is that, it has a cool bounce to it.

So far, Details Recordings seems to have kick-started with some determination with their music and, so far, a good job has been done to ensure their place in the D&B business.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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