The Express – Edition #1 – [Review]

Drum & Bass Express started out as something as simple as sharing this beautiful music on the net, and now, they have evolved into being a solid label. Here, is The Express – Edition #1; and it has been compiled by Symptom who, is the other half of the DNBE brainchild.

This neat compilation is a nice mix of a few different sub-genres or styles in the D&B spectrum. It’s a fast-moving ride, from the moment it departs with ‘The Devil’ first whereby, Flat T ignites and puts the ride in motion. Then, things suddenly get laid-back and breezy through the ears when PFM shows up ‘Driftin’ On By’ and things start cruising towards The Expresses’ journey. It’s still fast, and is somewhat contains a hyper sort of ambience.

Safra comes in with the third song of which, he interestingly titled ‘Molecular Cell Memory’. I liked the excited activity; with the different sounds blended in well together, to create this serious, hard-banging, midnight-in-the-dance floor kind of vibe. However, I have to give it up to Safra’s creative play that went towards the making of this crazy tune.

As the last song, Villem & Mcleod once again come together and present ‘The Finer Things’ before exit. I’ve seen, or rather heard several times before what awesome music these two make and here we have something on another level. Personally, this one became the favourite although, I enjoyed all of them, it is one of those joints that have a tendency to stand out; as well as unforgettable.

Edition #1 is a musical train that doesn’t slow down (except the intros and when the tracks break) from start until it stops at the last destination. As for the label, the guys at DNBE have brought something nice with the genesis of this venture.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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