Terminal – Current Value -Partition EP – [Review]


Terminal, a new unit has spawned merging the collective forces of Eatbrain – Badtaste and the Methlab Agency to bring forth a new strength of projects set to spearhead the sounds of DnB even further. To spark of the operation, new graft lands in the form of my all time favourite veteran in the scene, Current Value, with his Partition EP that stations four distinct tunes drafted to set fire to your ears.

Be forewarned as ‘Big Data’ takes the lead with chilly hollow pads on the intro almost leading you to the demise of your cerebral cortex on the drop of this sheer engineering of crumpled up sound but somehow fitting together still. ‘Balance Armature’ comes in as the second tune on the EP with a more unaccented marching beat vibe resuscitating your cognition from the experience that had befallen your mind from ‘Bad Data’.

Thirdly is ‘Orbital Decay’ which simmers the intensive technicalities vibes of the EP but still throws a substantial punch with good controlling influence. Last tune as it stands tastefully sealing the EP is ‘Primary Node’. This track packs such an infectious sinister groove delivered on clear cut production, straight buzzing on any floor. If you’re more inclined to the experimental bits with a harder and propelling vibe then this EP is for you.


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