Eatbrain Recs -Gancher & Ruin – The Chase EP – [Review]


Coming out of Russia, twin-bro duo ‘Gancher & Ruin’ set to release a fully fledged four track EP on the ever consistent with the sickness imprint, ‘Eatbrain’ recordings, dropping this July.

As a household name in the dark pits of Drum n Bass, ‘Gancher & Ruin’ present us with the ‘The Chase EP’ as it has been dubbed. An EP spearheading the neuro sounds even further in the ever evolving genre of DnB. Erupting foremost is the heated title track , ‘The Chase‘ practically setting the tone for the EP with a weighty bass ridden production engulfing your eardrums whole. The follow up to this is a spectacular one that particularly stands out for me, ‘Jump!‘ this one here features the head-honcho ‘Jade‘, of which this EP releases from. Now I can’t explain just how much zeal ‘Jump!‘ exudes! This one definitely has great power on the dancefloor! Good artillery to have on a heavy night!

Third tune on the roll is ‘Elemental’, certainly disorderly as it follows suit of ‘Jump!’. One of those tunes that pulls you back in again when you’re trying to take a breather from the dancefloor. Lastly is ‘Dragonfly’, which has a pretty interesting intro, only to flip over hell and make it the sky. This one is good to roughen up the crowd and get things ravey as fuck! Do not sleep on this EP! G&R have done a sick one with this!



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