Hex Electronica – Hex – Tribal – [Review]

Hex a.k.a Henry Wilson is a D&B producer from the UK; and also a Symbiosis Glasgow resident DJ with quite a handful of releases under labels such as Celsius; Free Love Digi; Transmission Audio; Hex Electronica (his brainchild); amongst others…

Now, ‘Tribal’ is one special kind of a single; it is a release which, comes as a free download after one thousand followers on his Sound Cloud page which; is a figure that is basically there already. He “had this lying around for a while”, he says, until now.

The tune starts off with a percussion snare; a dash of beeps and claps (acting as a sort of drum lick) and; a neatly done, delayed and reverbed wasp-like synth sound to fill the otherwise eerily empty hook. Coming to the drop; the almost heavy bass gravitates and descends upon the arrangement soon after observing a moment in the absence of the drums.

Simply put, you could say the style of the song is Jungle orientated, with an unnoticeably intricate element of Intelligent Drum & Bass although, arguably. As the title says, there’s no mistaking the tribal inspiration and influence that is evident as you listen through it yet, you obviously cannot also mistake the clear Electonic dominance thus, it is what we define in Drum & Bass as Future Jungle.

With certainty, by the time you read this review, ‘Tribal’ will already be raking downloads to match the target that initiated it. With that said I suggest you head over to DJ Hex’s SC page and get your tribal on.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela



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