Fokuz Recs – Seba – Sweet Magnolia EP – [Review]

Seba Sweet Magnolia EP IMAGE

The Swedish Drum & Bass legend and icon comes through with a double dose of sweetness, compliments of Fokuz Recordings. If not mistaken, it is Seba’s first noted release for the year.

The release is titled Sweet Magnolia EP, and it features the well-known, harmonic vocals of Jenna G whose voice is as sweet as honey. The song is named ‘Sweet Magnolia’, after the title of the EP and I must say that, it does not come as a surprise that it is a really good tune considering Jenna’s hit infested track record; and Seba’s similar and pioneering career. It doesn’t get more soulful and sweeter than this; how Jenna’s lyrics describe the beauty of this music through comparison to the magnolia flower and the ocean; and how the song cruises on the laid-back piano notes.

The other tune to sweeten those ears is ‘A Little Closer’ which, possesses Seba’s recognisable, distinct production style in the form of the atmospheric pads and bass line; behind a pattern of clean, crisp drums. The layout is straightforward and uncomplicated thus, flows easily, especially for virgin ears. My favourite part of the song is when it breaks for the interval (from the 3’40’’) where; the background atmospherics take centre stage for a while and then; the high-end filtered drums take over; and lead straight to the quick drop. Also, there are some vocals herein that sound dreamy and sensually hypnotic.

I quote from Jenna G: “… It’s only Sweet Magnolia; follow the track to the ocean. Rising high in symphony; beautiful, you and me”, enough said.

I guarantee that, listeners will not be disappointed with Sweet Magnolia EP that, it is unfair that is only just two tracks. If you love your cool, calm, and collected D&B then, this wonderful double-single is for you. It is a definite classic.

Words By:  Tsheola ‘Vagabond Asavela


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