Eatbrain Recs – MachineCode – Mechtropolis Album Sampler – [Review]


Forged to intercept the processing unit of your brain, MachineCode position their prints around your mind, laying down a procedure via the first tune up ‘Test Run’ to establish if you’re fit for more of the incoming arsenal from the ‘Mechtropolis’ album sampler at hand. This is actual Brain eating material from ‘EatBrain’ Recs.

This album sampler bears in it four clear-cut tunes carefully curated to tease you enough to be hankering after the full album drop, which you will really have to wait for. Say, September? Yeah. As mentioned, ‘Test Run’ is the first to kick things off(obviously so) displaying a nurtured disorder in it’s production technique but a recognisable vibe to the heavy raver!

Not to give you too much of a shocker on the seemingly energy packed sampler just from the the first tune, the duo brings it back down a notch with tunes like Submerged integrated with bars from ‘Coppa’, word painting the scenery for you. While ‘Manouver’ cranks it up again being a viber of note! A reverberating tune for front row kru kinda thing! ‘Speaker‘ cheeses you off on the intro with some liquidy pad work and percussions alluring you to a really good paced up roller! Good to know from this sampler we aren’t gonna be treated to an entire LP of a single driven sound. So big up! Peep the links below!


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