Subsistenz Records – Coppa Presents: Defcon 1


Berlin imprint Subsistenz makes quite a missile drop this year. Acquiring a squad of producers that doesn’t quite know how to play it cool on the production vibes, led by the ever electric conduct of Coppa’s voice.

This is Defcon 1, for some reason this has me thinking of a squad of autobots… Ok, enough with that. Can’t begin to imagine how Aggressor Bunx is holding it down like that with “Bear Fight” while Coppa paints you a horrid scene in the dark.

While you still checking your surroundings for safety Current Value comes out “Calling You” out with a sizzling reese on the chase for your while Coppa’s vocals are creeping in on an unsuspecting victim.

Now, thirdly on this operation, L33 is called in on duty for “Black OPs”, only how he knows how, rolling with the sinister vibes and Coppa charging the beat with the artillery.

Lastly putting an end to this with “Lighting and Thunder”, MachineCode programs a techy, no retreat sound that rumbles no holds barred as Coppa’s bars stand tall in front of it.


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