Blackout Music NL – Telekinesis – OBEY EP – [Review]

Telekinesis - Obey EP Artwork - Blackout.jpg

Obey is the order of the EP, for should you not, you are to experience telekinetic blackouts.

This is Telekinesis showing off their musical powers on the Blackout imprint. So lets BREAK this off and get going with what the EP entails. First on the run up is a tune with a a steady jogging beat, pacing up with an addition of gritty synths and dropping in with a very frontal lead that puts my mind in a dark room with insane Laser work, BREAK comes in quite tech on the rollers.

Carrying on this vibe is “LISTEN” kicking off with chopped breaks and an orderly one hit kick that spirals out the filtered breaks. 

Moving onto the intake of this beating we ride onto “PLAY” as it sets a foul groove on the dance-floor inspiring quite some filthy dance moves if you will.

“SHUT UP”? Damn, now this threw me off the fuckin’ radar. This is a switcher of note! Take heed. It doesn’t mess about. I say this certainly lays down the law on radical vibes. This is one of those tunes you’d have packed up to resuscitate anyplace. Haha. Monumental!

Now, which command from these tracks will you follow through?

Either way, you will have to OBEY!

Support the album on the link below:


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