Warm Comms Records – Seba – Nichoho/Sienna – [Review]

Here, we have Sweden’s finest Drum & Bass artist undoubtedly, teaming up with the heat-packing US label, just to bring you a delicious, warm serving of these two tracks.

I remember, last year around this time, in the month of October, Warm Communications came out with their 31st release with Total Science, fast-forward to October 2015, Warm Communications presents: ‘Seba – Nichoho/Sienna’.
Now, if you know Seba’s music very well, you’d know that he does not veer away from his trademarks and signatures of making music i.e. implementing the golden touch of the old-school yet, still maintaining relevance; together with the uniqueness of his usually dark, eerie pads in the reverberating distance; not forgetting the bass lines that he always keeps deep and heavy.
‘Nichoho’ can be described as a clean, crisp Amen-break, racing towards the finish-line, for five-and-a-half minutes long. The hook first makes way with a simple 1-2 break pattern, before the main break (Amen) kicks in when it drops, and that’s where we hear a lady’s voice that expresses sexual (sensual) passion and a bit of excited giggles. Her voice echoes, and is melodious- it is as good as a vocalist singing her way throughout the track.
As for the next song ‘Sienna’, it is yet another one of those, which I choose to dub as a “Seban” classic-kind-of joint. A beautiful instrumental number, possessing a beautiful atmosphere, and progression as it plays. It surely will get the nods (and eyes closed) when it plays.

This is something for the seasoned, mature Junglists but, its taste can potentially cater to more than that. And as the icing on the cake, the release also comes in the form of a “Limited Transparent Red/White Vinyl Edition” for the true collector.

Words by: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela
The Ink Punk.


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