Secret Operations Records – Seba – Jungle Music – [Review]


As we’re adjusting to the season, Seba drops Secret Operations’ 24th release with something so fresh and crisp, which is simply titled ‘Jungle Music’.

Jungle Music is made up of just two tracks, one is the title track; and the other is named ‘Cloudless’.
Now, as I began listening, ‘Cloudless’ came on first. I listened attentively, and with excitement as the song went, personally, it gave off a sense of tranquillity, that feeling that is achieved through therapeutic sounds and melodies. And it does take the mind on a trip.
Thereafter, things get seriously “jungle-ly” without compromise, when ‘Jungle Music’ comes on. This track is slightly different from your average, old-school-feel Jungle tune and yet, it possesses jungle sounds in the distant background, and a deep voice in the beginning and throughout the song, stating what it’s about (“this is Jungle”).
One element that separates this joint from the rest is how Seba infused the bird and cricket sounds with the rhythm of the track thus, it is part of the instrumentals. The other, is how he made the bass line, and a sort-of-thundering sound, which creates jungle scenery in its overall feel.
As for the album art, you got to love it as well, it compliments and draws the ear to want to listen.

This double-single deserves a huge round of applause. This is just another example as to why Secret Operations does not disappoint when it comes to delivering the goods.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela
The Ink Punk.


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