Warm Communications Records – Total Science – So Addicted/Putting Down Roots(Remix) – [Review]


The two UK heads and founders of the legendary CIA (Computer Integrated Audio) Recordings have teamed up with EHL’s Warm Communications which is based in the US, whose music is carefully sourced from various artists from different labels in the scene, to bring out some of the very best Drum & Bass music to stereos all over bass planet.
This October we have Total Science raising the temperature a notch with ‘Warm031’.

This work will be released as a two-track record on vinyl; as well as a three-track digital release. The bonus in the digital release is an instrumental version of the first track titled ‘So Addicted’, with the soulful Grimm dropping some harmonious vocals which turned out to be a beautiful addition to this smoothly done; laid-back tune. This would surely give any random Rhythm & Blues song a run for its money, that’s if they could be compared.
There are notable “digital age-sounding” synths that pop (16 bars just before the break), they add a psychedelic element to the track, and the pad’s automated presence adds quite a nice atmosphere to it as well, topped with a simple bass line that does not lack in any way.
Following that is an immaculately done remix of Villem & Mcleod’s single ‘Putting Down Roots’ from Warm Communication’s second release of the year titled ‘Warm029’ which came out in March.
As the original takes a trip back in time for a Jungle lesson, the remix however, is in a sort of median, well-balanced by possessing both the old-skool Jungle, fused with a feel of what we may simply call ‘Future-Jungle’ of course. This joint (including the original) is nothing but a lesson to express two eras of similar, hardcore-steppin’ Jungle vibes; with their wicked, “Dubby” bass lines and neat samples.
It is wise to get the original as well for; we’re looking at two classics in the making.

‘Warm031’ is set for October the 13th, and it is Total Science’s debut release on the label. Total Science fans should add this little treat to their exclusive collections without a doubt.

Words by: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela
The Ink Punk.

Release Date 13/10/14


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