Warm Comms Records – Break – “Mako – Moonlight”(Break Remix/Coming4U – [Review]


New release from “Warm Communications” sees “Break” on their roster, one man who has people’s ears perking up like a dog’s at the sound of his drums. The take on this two track release has break fiddling with one of “Mako”‘s tunes “What A little Moonlight Can Do”, certainly switching the mood of the original and giving it some edge with the samples falling right into place, groovy as fuck!
There’s also “Coming 4 U”, can we just say incoming signature business!! How he always exceptionally executes how the bassline rides out his drums is just genius, and all just flows flawlessly so. Always a good structure when incorporating warm vibes with a tinge of aggression.

Release Date: 8 Sept 14


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