Ingredients Records – Response – S.O.S/Control – [Review]


I must say it’s always a treat when Ingredients records has some bits new on the menu, and taking the time to present us with exceptional eardrum molestation, they’ve dished up for us new material from “Response”, a release that certainly has us responding on a massive vibe tip. Out of just these two tracks makes one read into how Response can easily flex any style and make is as potent as fuck!

First tune goes in full swing, “S.O.S”?? Get in the zone vibes and you’re gone. Vibe influencer!
One to leave your moving body in inertia long after the track is done. Haha.
As we switch over to the second tune, “Control”, plays on an ominous tone with modulated voices that tune don’t be so sure about being in control, but other than that, nothing like a good disfigured bass. Ponder ponder track, well conceptualised.

Release Date: 8 Sept 14

Purchase Link:


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