Commercial Suicide – Nymfo – ElectroSmog 12″ EP – [Review]


It’s not too long ago that he dropped some belters on “Dispatch” but already his lashing out with yet another belter on his “Commercial Suicide” home-ground, “Nymfo”. New Ep going both digital and pressed with a limited 12″ of 300 cuts. This is the “Electrosmog EP” and it’s packing heat like a contained volcanoe.

Right onto the business at hand is the title track which wastes no time on the introduction as it quickly runs it’s self up as king of the rollers, steamrolling on a frontal assault. Pure upfront dance-floor adrenalin. This is “Electrosmog”!
Now the second tune somewhat tones it down a bit so you can catch your breath from the first tune and that is “Cymatic Frequencies”, although brawling heavily on one’s chest commissioning a rugged bass-line this tune still institutes a calm demeanour on certain intervals. This is the vibe!
And then there comes “Drop The Bass” as the last tune on the EP sealing things off with a nicely swaying bass and a good layer of skittering percs!

Release Date: 15/09/2014

Early exclusive release on Beatport:


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