Dispatch Recordings – Nymfo/Nymfo & Detail – Coming Through/Survivor/T.o.D – [Review]


One of the most prolific labels in the scene, “Dispatch Recordings”, marks off on their checklist yet another one of Nymfo’s compelling releases. Two solos and one more which sees a collab between him and Detail…

Now first on the affairs is a “Coming Through”, intro kept quite minimal so the track wastes no time in getting into the groove of things when the track drops into a murky warping bassline that subjects your body movement to steady paced stirring.

Bad boys move in some gangster funk beats for your ears as the second tune sees “Nymfo & Detail” tag teaming it. “Survivor”, clearly the tune made it out to be a really good one. Sinister on the intro and a bouncy roll out on the drop. This is a dancefloor propeller!

Latter on the line up of this release is “Tower of David” dumbing it down a bit from the previous tune but keeping the ball with skittering percussive work and ruffled up bass works.

Peep it and cop it below.

Release Date: 25 Aug



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