Ingredients Records – Eveson & Halogenix – Grey Dawn EP – [Review]


Ingredients records back at it again, with a release from Eveson, a well rounded man on the creative aspects of things. Dishing out an EP that should be titled ‘You’ve been served’, humbling music at that. This is ‘Grey Dawn Ep’, take heed.

Here’s a starter, to ooze some warmness from your is ‘Grey Dawn’, tag-teamed with ‘Halogenix’, the intro starts depicting atmospheric ‘noons, provoking sober thoughtfulness. However, Grab a drink and bask in it. This is about to get trippy. See, I’m kinda writing this in a restaurant stuck on repeat to this tune with not enough words to transcribe it. This is a straight classic.

‘A Dystopian Romance’ takes flight on the second run, the name says it all, the break propelling a runaway love that couldn’t believe in anything else but itself and needs no other encouragement. Intelligent emotion design your heart will easily spaz to.

‘Deluge’ overwhelms as it delves in ethereal feels. This EP is likely to conjure up some intriguing dreams should one pass out to it. Talking from experience. Scope the link below.

Release Date: 23 June 2014


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