Utopia Music – Mako, DLR & Fields – Old Soul / Bridge The Gap – [Review]


Having followed the growth of Utopia Music over the past releases it comes as no surprise the versatility that gets implemented on every presentation brought forth. With a teaser that’s been stalling for too long now on a release, we now see a blend of label owner Mako, and Fields who’s known to have been making the rounds on the label and as well as DLR on one of the tunes.

Breaking the ice on this is ‘Old Soul’ on the A-side. A combo of Mako, Fields and DLR. This tune kicks off with a stabby sizzle on the intro, and a sort of longing pad like emotion. The techy drum work also combos this tune into some sinister lushness alluring one to bask in.

From A-side to B-side we see DLR going in solo as he ‘Bridges The Gap’. Keeping the vibe on an intense but steady flow fixing your limbs in a constant movement but never tiring. This goes well to loosen up a ‘floor.

This is dropping on Vinyl and digital.

Release Date:


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