Cyclone Records – Storm Driller EP – [Review]


Here is a fresh release from the new Cyclone Recordings imprint. This EP contains talent from three different continents. Representing Drum & Bass from Seattle, Pretoria/Johannesburg; and all the way to London, all bringing in nice talent to bring you Storm Driller EP.

Two tracks are cooked by South Africa’s Menticide & Finland’s Demgone. Two friends/producers leaving their mark with two joints: Firstly we have ‘Construct’- the experimentally-unique style that sizzles with hats; and eclipse-causing dark basses. Not forgetting the hollow pads that are hovering over the instrumentals like a full; dark cloud.
‘Inhale’ on the other hand, features Talabun on the mic. As your ears inhale the closed-hat; and pad sound waves at the beginning, and then sixteen bars later, Talabun starts flowing with ease to the beat in this demented, deep voice as the beat works with him to hypnotise and lead people to the deep-dark side of good beats.
Enter ‘Sphix’, the second track in this EP. Just like how the world at large finds the Sphinx as a mystery, the same would be said of this contribution by War Machine. Tribal in essence and deserving of the title for, it tells a story of a time unknown. Five minutes of marching to the battlefield, this is also ideal for starting a set; or when about to switch styles/sub-genres in the mix. Surely, dance floors will be ready for war with this.
Homemade Weapons (US) & D.P.3 (UK) ease deep into it with ‘Consequence’. It is a nice; smooth; deep flavour to set it off good as well. Although it bears a Minimal factor, it is still versatile and easy going to flow with in dance.

Storm Driller EP is quite is easy going, and dance floor-friendly. Good production with descent experimentation. Cyclone Recordings is steadily on the rise with works such as this EP, and it’s worldwide mission.

Words by: Ink Punk

Release Date: 21 April 2014.


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