Dance Concept – Stevie Hyper D – Generation Hyper – [Review]


All great artists and figures that have helped in shaping their respected fields deserve to be commemorated and celebrated in order for their legacies to live on…
Generation Hyper does exactly that with this 24 track collaborative album, a project for the Drum & Bass masses to remember the legendary MC, Stevie Hyper D.

The project begins with Stevie stating how he represents Jungle like a pro in ‘What We Want’. Here, the legend displays great lyricism in his well-known Ragga flow to the 1-2 Steps of the drums. The track is very uplifting because of Stevie D’s conscious, positive rhymes; and the high-pitched horns do well in keeping the mood up.
The tunes in this album are very well done, and the legendary MC’s new lyrics and vocal samples were well used. From tracks like ‘S-T-E-V-I-E’; and ‘6 Million Ways to Funk’, to ‘Vibes Through The Fingers’, and ‘No Surrender’ whereby he features V Recording’s recently signed duo Savage Rehab, just prove it why and how this MC “Got the flow to make the good times roll.”.

‘Congo Natty meet Stevie Hyper D’ is one the best joints in this collaboration. As to “why”, shall be a mystery for the listener to figure out.
As part of the project, the guys at Dance Concept deemed it wise to include two heavy hitters where he is featured, ‘New Generation’ with Triptonite; and ‘On The Rampage’ which was produced by Minotaur Kill (Jilted Generation).
And to spice it all up, there are four remixes of his stuff, with ‘Junglist Soldier’ remixed by Digital Sound Boy’s very own, the legendary Serial Killaz being a banging number to watch out for.
It so happens as well that Jungle/D&B isn’t the only genre in this album, a different direction was taken in the last two tracks. The first is in the form of a “bouncy Urban” bass lined Electro Mix flavour by Misdemeanor, an Electro House/Drum & Bass duo from the UK, titled ‘Right About Now’. The other is a quite harmonious Dub-Step treat titled ‘Stevie Too Much’ by Sub Freq Records owners Bluesy & Chef as the cherry on top to round up this beautifully crafted project.

With well over twenty; well-known artists in the game coming together, for this one of a kind initiative that is seldom heard of in the Jungle world, for the sake of preserving a timeless legacy to honour this legendary pioneer.
Expect to hear more ear smashing; body possessing music, and considering what Stevie Hyper D was capable of on the mic; and for him to be able to rock the crowd like no other MC at Raves already says something worth giving a listen if you already didn’t recognise.
Generation Hyper has a forward-moving force with its rawness. Simply put, it is a raw fusion of Jump-Up bangers; and active Apache breaks complimenting the Jungle vibes. The bass lines are deep and growling on another level, there is no room for a thorough-bred Junglist to be sceptical or indecisive on whether they dig it or not. This is a proper hyper album, suitable for all generations of Junglists, cooked and served by the likes of Jaydan; Heist; Lion Dub; Kenny Ken; as well as a few others, all put in an artistic hand to make this possible. Benny V, who co-initiated this project, also contributed into the production.
Those that never knew about Stevie D or Dfrnt Lvls will get to understand what the hype was about; and see how this album is so hyper.

The debatable question on whether this work is sufficient enough to remember Hyper D by (or not?) becomes invalid as soon as you press ‘Play’. It is undeniably a classic in the making. It will be a relic for the future hyper generations to come.

Stephen Austin A.K.A Stevie Hyper D was without a doubt the crown holder; and still departed as the King MC.

Ink Punk.

Release: March 2014

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