Thrash Pilot – [Interview]

Thrash Pilot

We got the chance to have a lil’ chat with Killscreen recording’s Thrash Pilot, talking about the latest offering from the label which is the Nightstalker EP, and what’s been up. Here’s what he had to say…

BFTR: Sup, Jim. Care to enlighten us on who and what you’re all about?

TP: Hey up there, well, I’m all about the beats and the breaks and the bass I’m afraid. Nothing changes. Killscreen is a modern event to take back dnb to its core values. Experimentalism and pushing boundaries.

BFTR: You’ve got this EP dropping, Nightstalker, how has it been compiling the selections for this EP, what was your direction, the intention for this?

TP: The whole thing just sort of fell into place really, at first they were all going to be separate releases… We decided the vibe was so similar, that we’d put the tunes together as an EP.

BFTR: How did it come about getting these artists on board?

TP: Well I’ve known the people involved for years. Jamac and Fractals are old friends and DJ Sappo is a massively cool chap who agreed to help us out. It’s taken a long time to put this one together I can tell you, but I think It’s worth it. The product is great and value for money.

BFTR: How soon are we gonna get to hear you and anyone of these artists showcased here compiling a tune together or any other other artist out there for that matter?

TP: I’ve already started a couple of things with Fractals, nothing finished as yet, Jamac is pretty busy with his own label and Guidance Sound System so he might be a one off. Hopefully not but it’s up to him. Our contracts with our artists are very open, you won’t have seen one like it, they are funny.

BFTR: And the DJ support so far on this EP, how’s that been?

TP: Amazing, people seem to have really taken to it, Dillinja, Grooverider, Ray Keith, Futurebound and Matrix, Doc Scott, loads of the big guns, we couldn’t believe it when Randall dropped the firewalker remix on Bailey’s show. Randall is a hero of mine, man. The best technical DJ out there in my opinion, well him and Doc Scott.

BFTR: How would you define your own sound as it is somewhat different, not really conforming much, which is good.

TP: Yep it’s not influenced by what’s happening in the charts, it’s neo dark core, or neo tech step or something… With a minimal vibe and the haunting. Ha. I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.

BFTR: Are you you gonna keep this sound consistent, is that the concept with killscreen though?

TP: Things might change, we’ll just keep releasing anything that sounds different, and pushes the envelope. I can see us dropping any wobble bass anthems anytime soon. If we wanted to make money, we’d make edm, you know? Dnb is about moving forwards, we certainly not to the past but we try and keep things interesting. Hopefully anyway. I’m waffling again.

BFTR: How has it been running Killscreen?

TP: Hectic, it’s amazing how long everything actually takes, however, Fractals is officially on board now so that’s twice the power! Hopefully that will help, he’s a great hand.

BFTR: Are you working on anything else perhaps that might see a release on a different imprint?

TP: I am working on an EP for NB Audio at the min, I’ve got 2 tracks finished but am still working on the others. I’m also producing a hip hop album which I’m currently trying to sell to a more suitable label. Busy busy.

BFTR: What are we to look out for regarding you, the imprint and everybody else that may be be involved on the label this year?

TP: Onwards and upwards, this is our year, watch out world…. Etcetera times infinity.

BFTR: Big up for taking out the time to chat to us, man! All the best vibes!

Check out the SC link to the snippets of the EP:


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