Killscreen Records – Nightstalker EP – [Review]


Thrashpilot’s Killscreen imprint sees another release on it’s vibrant attire of releases with a few collabs on this one and receiving proper support from the majors in the scene. This is the Nightstalker EP

What’s Next” you ask? is a little cheeky number from “Jamac-Guidance SS” with mellow jungle influence that has you steady rocking sort of prepping you for the rest of the EP. Old skool baseline hits with a guttural sound to get your chest vibrating. From that “Jamac-Guidance SS” moves us to “High Crimes“, swift percussion, another talking baseline and effects morphing in and out of shape but still fitting in the process.

Next up is “Midnight” inspiring awe/tranquil on the intro but soon altering into a devastating modulation, still has that feeling that keeps you on the edge as if there’s a more demented drop to come by but keeps it on a suspended grunge. Bringing us out of that a bit is still “Fractals” with the track Illusion that brings that funk with playful percussions and a soothing baseline. This is that nod your head music.

We also hear what’s new from the man behind the label, “Thrashpilot”, on “Binary 10”1 with a vocal that triggered a certain band in my head, can’t bring myself to remember what it is. Anyway, Thrash’s production has always been known to flip the script while in motion, man. When this track drops for the 1st time from the vocal sample I lay back and chill to bask in it but nasty does it get?? That ‘official’ drop is illegal, as we know, most illegal stuff is that good stuff… This is well played.

Jumping onto “Defender 2”, another by Thrashpilot. This man fears not to dabble with whatever comes to mind, employing all alien sound form and looping your intrigue. This tune engages a mellow, playful manner before getting onto the edgy drum work that we know him for as the track subtly breaks away…

Firewalker”, track that saw it’s first release on the 2 track release by Thrashpilot sometime last year, now sees some reincarnation from “DJ Sappo” on the refix. Keeping it grimey! Be on the look out!

Release Date: 3rd March


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