Secret Operations – Seba – Mesmerise EP – [Review]

seba mes

Following his 2013 release titled ‘Identity’, the much renowned Swedish Drum & Bass legend left us for only a short time, just so that he can come back again; and recruit the listeners for another Secret Operations project.
Mesmerise EP is what Seba has to offer us in this first trimester of 2014. As usual, he does what he does best, timeless; classical D&B that does exactly what the title of this EP says.

Mesmerise is a four-track EP which consists of four neatly produced joints, kick-starting with some deep; hypnotising sounds of ‘Mesmerism’, which welcome the listener with a magician’s confidence. The slow rolling of the drum patterns, together with the mysteriously eerie elements, is able to invoke a sense of relaxed curiosity, on what’s to come next…
Physickl’ is a “get down and just move your body” track, which expresses the transition from being hypnotised in the first track, to dancing and letting loose now. Here, Seba presented the fan and the Disc Jockey alike, with a perfect party starter that can blend really well with almost any Jump-Up; or Liquid set. The seemingly fading in and out pad creates a heavy atmosphere, right before an exhaling voice asks “Wanna get physical (physickl)?” and next thing you know the kicks are kicking; and the claps are clapping hard; as the simple, yet heavy bass ushers the track forward. To cut a long story short, this one here is for the DJs who want to make sure they win the crowd from the get-go.
Track number 3 is simply titled ‘Life Is’. The opinion could be that, it mentally takes one on a reflective journey throughout one’s life, probably parallel to the beloved Jungle/D&B genre/culture. Whichever the case, this is one of those songs that have the potential of sentiment in one’s life. This song waves the flag of Intelligence, and it has soul on a deeper plane. This is Seba at his finest, reminiscent of some of the stuff he dropped in his Goodlooking days; as well as his return to D&B under Secret Operations which he owns. Besides being a versatile artist of finesse, Sebastian Ahrenberg’s true style is shown in productions such as this song- soulfully dark; deep; and possessing elevating elements of pure emotion and thought.
Lastly, but definitely not least, the EP is concluded with aggro-nasty vibes with ‘Science Fiction’. The deep bass (of course), just growls and swallows the ear with its well-cut; nicely adjusted EQs. On the other hand, you find the drums to be aggressive as well, even until the last moments, this track maintains its aggressive relentlessness, until the moment the once powerful bass line starts retreating into the abyss; then the outro abruptly cuts without much of a predictable warning… Overall, the track is sheer bliss for the hard-core Junglist, and not for feather-weight amateurs who only know Seba for his more chilled stuff.

Mesmerise is yet another clean and on-point project from Secret Operations. All-time Seba fans will not be disappointed; and the new fans will grasp a minimally summarised insight into understanding his unique sound, such as the signature feels of his bass lines.
The project is undeniably a great start to the year for this well renowned veteran.

Words by: Ink Punk

Release: March 2014


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