Protect Audio – Zenith B & QBIG – Exiled Mind/Matador – [Review]


We head on over to check on the vibes on offer from Protect Audio, UK based independent label as they mark their tenth release and not deviating much from the vibes they’ve been recognised for. And on exhibit is the Switzerland duo, Zenith B & QBIG flexing it up in such intricate delicacy.

Exiled Mind” is an elegant piece of production with the intro creeping up into play, and as you’re introduced to the kick you’d thinking it gets rolling already only for it to chill you out a bit more, toning down your eagerness with the seducing drum pattern and swift percussion steadily building up to a breakdown to re-introduce you on how they actually get rolling. And as the pads build towards a fade which uncovers the kick n snare build up from below, rolls to a silencing kick which then a quirky vibe pokes at the drop and we’re rolling! Excellent articulation!

Matador” employs a bleak Sci-fi intro and a traditional kick and a snare with a bouncy bassline to fill the track with a clean, but skanky composure. Coming back from the break it’s a dubby drop showcasing more complexity with a controlled scatter of percussions and it’s back to rippling undulations. Technical minimality is at hand!

Release Date: Feb 4th


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