Rogue Beats records – Menticide – Intricate Noise EP – [Review]


The UK based Full Spectrum Drum and Bass imprint Rogue Beats brings forth, on our very first and proud review for the year, a release by Menticide! Formerly known as “It’s Okay” who’s real name is Oliver Karstel. Born and bred in PTA, South Africa. Unleashing a 4 track EP, “Intricate Noise” showcases a refreshing compilation on the minimal side of things which I rate is set to alter perceptions.

First thing’s first with the track “Monster” very minimal construction which serves as a nice starter on the introduction to this EP. Although at first seeing the title of the tune and listening to that sample that goes “I changed ‘cause I got criticised so much…” I couldn’t help but think this track would break out into a dark and stormy scene, considering that this Menticide establishment, I must say, had a bit of a rough coming… But this was well played, alluring and tinged with some suspense vibes.

Next on the Menu, it’s “Salt Shaker” bubbling things up a bit with low-end assault. One can’t help but get their limbs influenced into a hypnotic flow that’s down right gritty. Immaculate production. Personal favourite. Dancefloor massacre!

Dropping it down low is the dark and minimal “Shogun” which employs punctuated bassy kicks, a teaser of a snare and a mutilating break that’ll send your sanity skittering right off. This track is so sinister! The manipulation of sound in this production is such a refreshing show off. Haha.

Easing it out but still on the shady vibe is a rolling “Damage” which engages sparkly and sizzling percussions. This is co-produced with the lad from Finland, Demgone. There’s a quite a warm and friendly experimentation on the drums which are quite minimalistic.

I can’t even begin to imagine from this EP what more madness is to come from this lad. This is a biggie!

Release Date: Jan 30


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