Menticide – Interview

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We got the chance to catch up with Menticide to talk more about his 1st EP “Intricate Noise” signed off on UK DnB imprint Rogue Beats, and what’s been up and what’s on the rounds for the year.

So what brought about the name change from “It’s Okay” to Menticide? Cause it seems like that’s when you started lighting up fire.
A. It’s Okay was an alias to play under until i came up with a name I felt could properly express the style of music I played out and what I wanted to do with my music – the name it’s OK was actually just my initials, O K.

I changed my alias from It’s Okay to Menticide on the launch night of Reaction, I figured it was a good time because I was nearly ready to unleash my first EP and it was a time to redefine myself as an artist.

Could you tell us more about your EP release on Rogue Beats?
A. Intricate Noise is a collection of different styles of drum and bass that I enjoy, from minimal, experimental to neuro-roller – That’s also why I decided on Rogue Beats, being a full-spectrum drum and bass label, they would be the perfect for this EP.

Your EP is more on the darker side of DnB, are you gonna try and remain consistent on this particular style or you gonna flex it with different tempos or perhaps even different genres?
A. If I ever produced another genre of music it would be under a different alias and I think my music will always have a dark feel to it.

Which track from this EP do you think does the most damage when you rinse it out?
A. I play a large spectrum of dark drum and bass from deep and minimal to thrashing hardcore so it all depends what the vibe is.

What is your typical workflow from idea development to conception?
A. I keep a journal on my phone with ideas and i feel you should only produce if you have an idea in mind. If I really feel like producing and i don’t have any immediate ideas, i can refer to my journal and take it from there.
I generally only begin a track once I have a solid idea of what I would like to do with it and I’ll keep producing until I hit a blank, then I’ll leave the track and come back when the ideas flow again, I try not to rush a project and always add something unique.

What are your favourite hardware/synths?
A. I have only used an Alesis Micron and a Korg 0/1 W but i think my favourite Hardware synth would have to be a Virus TI.

How was it working with Demgone on the track “Damage” seeing that he’s based in Finland?
A. It was a pleasure, we work very well together – We can both be critical about each other’s work without being offended.
The work flow on Damage was great, i think we finished the track in two days – we both have a unique take on the experimental side of drum and bass and that comes together perfectly, we’re actually busy finishing up a full 4 track collaborative EP at the moment.

Which track would you like to break down to us from this EP?
A. Shogun is a very experimental track comprised out a collection of chopped up death breaks, with a unique drum pattern and a very scarce snare. The basslines are deep with hypnotic low-midrange sound design. The layered atmosphere is to set an eerie scene for the overall track. The track is entitled Shogun because of the choppy breaks, and the sharp, steady percussions.

I know you’ve co-founded an events and content management company, called Reaction, what plans do ya’ll have on running that?
A. Joshua Karp and I started Reaction on a high note we were both eager for something fresh in Gauteng, but with our heavy scheduled we were unable to give the project the necessary attention and thus we haven’t hosted another party since our stage at the Seed Festival in JHB. In the meantime Reaction is still running as a social media platform and we will continue to provide people with DNB related content until we are ready to relaunch the project.

What’s your take on the DnB scene in SA? Do you think we’ll see more local production this year?
A. The scene is busy maturing and will continue to grow as years pass.
I’m hoping that the people currently involved and some of the new entrants into the scene will be inspired to produce music the more good music coming out of South Africa the better!

So what forthcoming material are you currently busy with?
A. Demgone (FIN) and i are busy finishing up a full collaborative EP of experimental, minimal, and some dub inspired drum and bass. I am also working on a collaboration with Semantics (UK) and other than that I’m putting together another little EP by myself.

Shot for taking out the time to chat to us, man. And all the best for the year and so forth. Big up!

You can check out and cop “Intricate Noise” EP on the link below…



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