NBA records – Snapshot – Dooms VIP/Dark Shadows VIP – [Review]


Manc city be popping out with a somewhat new imprint called NBA(NB Audio) having the duo Snapshot on the release with weighty VIPs. Dooms is 1st up with Chimpo on the vocals. The beat has a hip-hop vibe to it adding to the dark baseline that just sits well with Chimpo’s flow on the track.
Darkest dungeon happenings! Get with it!

Dark Shadow‘s intro reminded me of one of Rene LaVice’s tune in which this tune also has a build up of a baseline that sounds like it’s morphing it’s way through the track. Such dark vibes but the drum pattern is an organised clutter of upfront kick and snare vibes. Tonn Piper’s vocals sounding like they’re casting spells over this beat summoning one to obey to these dace-floor vibes.

Release: Nov


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