IM:LTD – Penny Giles/ Phil Tangent – Stories Untold/We Don’t Talk Anymore


The IM:LTD certainly always has an intriguing array of tunes at their disposal as hey don’t seem to quite confine themselves to a particular sound as such.
Now newly provided material from Penny Giles as well as Phil Tangent is pure mastery on the liquid front.
Stories Untold wastes no time rolling in from the get-go. A nice lively take on what the tune is about really with minimal vocal work which says a little but evokes deeper things though with an ambience running throughout.

We Don’t Talk Anymore – The title already strikes a nerve, you know when you get outta that relationship that’s so bad that you can’t even stay friends? Yep, the track certainly hits those wounds conjuring those memories
which one would not rather attend to at times. Not too say the track is depressing, the baseline is so full and certainly speaks in tongues in a nice gritty tone. Laid-back kick and snare work that will have you nod as if you’re shaking your head. You will succumb yo these vibes.This is Phil Tangent.

Release Date: 11 November


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