IM:LTD – Gerwin – Soul Truth/Lying Portraits (Remixes – Bungle/Zero T) – [Review]


Back at it once again is the IM:LTD imprint bringing forth the funk that is Bungle and Zero T on the remix vibes. Which comprised of the first tune coming from the more laid back release that was ‘Soul Truth‘ which is by Gerwin having lush vocals as well. The intro kicks off in soaring synths painting quite the emotive atmosphere about the track. The vocals are trailing with heartprints on this intro. With the added steak the track is beefed up incredibly, and a blooming bassline to caress the soul.

Furthermore is Zero T’s take on ‘Lying Portraits‘ also a track by Gerwin which now has 2SHY’s vocals dropped and of course having input from Nuage. This light hearted rework is soul filling, still implementing the jazzy sax work, and also incorperating the complenting percussive bongos that have the track rolling and striking drifting and ethereal vibes. A definite soul funk tune!

Release Date: 16 Oct


2 thoughts on “IM:LTD – Gerwin – Soul Truth/Lying Portraits (Remixes – Bungle/Zero T) – [Review]

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