Symmetry Records – Xtrah – Lost Time EP – [Review]

Symm015 Digital

Symmetry Recordings sees Londoner, Xtrah favouring their imprint on his debut EP called Lost Time. This of course isn’t their 1st time linking as Xtrah has dropped some tunes via them and in fact one of the tunes in the EP is a refix of a track that got released a few years ago on Symmetry, Cyrax.

kicking off these vibes is Lost Time with skittering percussion work layered with vocals from Codebreaker flanged about. Setting a somewhat inauspicious tone is the trailing synth work and taunting bongos dropped with some stabs. This is also layered with a lush tech-steppy groove that will surely get a reaction out of you.

Dropping down to the B taking the second journey into this EP is a track called Always New which is set to sound fresh whenever the play button is pushed. Vocally this time it’s MC DRS effectively riding this glitchy beat to the ends. This beat surely drops in on a dark, broody tip. What’s there to expect from the works of Break and Xtrah combined though, huh?

Groove Shadow; with a name like that and the way it drops inspires some other scenery in your head right away. Moody is the the order of this one, and will surely have you pull your face in and flaunt some skank movement. Drum work has a fresh soothing like roller vibe to it. Use of effects is refreshing; track feels and sounds spacious. Less is mos def more.

Last one on the run is Cyrax, a rework of an earlier release. As Break applies his godly production on it, it is rendered a sinister tune. Since the original spins about lightly in a moody sense, Break’s take on it is a multiplying intensity that will have you pacing. Intricate drum work possesses this one. Then he dumbs it down nicely on the break for some oxygen to aid your sanity, only to return in a full-throttling switch up! It’s Bad man tune!

Release date: 30 september


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