Chimpo – Frontline EP – (Soul:R) – [Review]


Soul:R, home of some of the veterans we’ve grown to respect.Sees a release that intends to stir up some vibes on the dark side of this music. This time in the form of “Chimpo“, a name which might have occured in conversations but the face being a blur. Much rounded artist who delves both in production and blistering the microphone when he sees fit. This 4 track EP, Frontline, is one to set the bar high with the Manc formidable forces like Dub Phizix and Skeptical on the track Buzzin‘ which will have you chanting. “Frontline” is a fiesty little runner with “Fox” bricklaying the lyrics graciously so, Calibre’s take on this is a chopping break running through the entire tune giving off dem jungle vibes. And “All Over” crafting mellow sceneries. This sure is a huge release, one that’s going to be doing the rounds for a long time.

Release Date: July


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