Symmetry – Break/Detail – Steam Train/Days Go By – [Review]

“Break”, certainly a bad man on the radar is back at it again on his brainchild Symmetry in his distinctive manner of production. Steamy haunting intro and just a little rugged on the flow. “Steam Train” is combative in it’s approach, set to orchestrate atrocities on the dance floor with malicious synthesis that grows to be twisted out of shape. What else could one expect from Break non other than mind fucks?

It’s not too long ago that that “Detail” dropped a slab of dance floor dementia with the release of Green Rain. Steady rocking the the DnB scene, new ears have themselves wondering why haven’t they heard of this dude? It’s ’cause he’s fairly new, and seeing as he’s about to be making the rounds on a few renowned imprints, Symmetry label sees him delving deep into some winding down vibes with “Days Go By”, well layered with the sensuous vocals of Tiiu and a bassline set to design feelings. With a kick snare now that inspires a gentle nod and a tapping of the foot. Influential music it at hand.

Release date: 15 July


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