Avantgarde Recs – Dabs, Quadrant & Iris – I Don’t Know Why (Dabs remix) / Sparse VIP [Review]


Awakening from it’s long hibernation, the italian imprint Avantgarde Records fathered by Dabs and Grotesque creeps up back in the scene with quite a profound release under it’s belt. Dabs works his production technique on the remix for Eastcolors’ tune “I Don’t Know Why” adding a stellar structure and evolutionay production on the A side. Off-beat thumping beat work brushed with an understated vocal. Vigorous sweeps and a grumbling bassline, all this solidifying the track into something that’s after your cerebral cortex. The B side of this release is the variation in prodution for the track “Sparse” by Quadrant and Iris which was out earlier on the label now reintroduces itself with a more driving minimal feel and unfolding basslines. Not much of a big variation to the original but it is notable polish.

Release Date: June 10th
Pre-order: http://distribution.triplevision.nl/release/AVANT003/


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