Sunchase / Detail – Utopia Music 12 – 20th May 2013

Since Utopia Music is one label which one needs to constantly keep an eye on due to the incredible standard of material that tends to be released on there. Now in these times it bears us to new releases from Ukraine’s DnB scene. Following Sunchase, one renowned producer in the Ukraine with releases on Moving Shadows, Citrus and more. He delivers Nathnennia, an astral ambient tune to set one afloat in it’s minimal composition. Set to take you on a calming journey. Intelligent mood craftmanship; lightly sprinkled alluring percussion. This is one to sink your mental’s teeth into. Now as we take a flip to somebody who’s thrown a few fireballs via C.I.A records and Proximity and a few forthcomings on other respected labels. Detail serves some potent vibes which have been on the dance-floor rounds ahead of it’s release. Can you say Scorcher??? Green Rain is an impeccable scheme of atrocious detrimental effects and tightened up breaks. A murky cinematic soundscape piece coming through with a strictly not for the faint-hearted advisory label. Badman vibes!


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