Chroma – Intermission / Knock Knock – May 20th – CIA


Total Science’s imprint; CIA records is at it again as it disgorges hefty vibes from it’s lair in the form of Chroma this time. Having shown face on Commercial Suicide and Coded imprint and a roster of other labels. The trio consisting of Phobia, Sato and Tyrone have never fellback but rather progressed in a fierce manner. Riddimz is order of this tune ‘Intermission’ with a stamp of old skool jungle vibes accompanied by vocals. Engulfing warping sub work that catches your breath. This is well designed to lose minds. Now flipping these vibes a little is ‘knock knock’, orchestrating dementia as it crudely swings along. Definitely a dancefloor shaker with it’s thickly muffled subs. Quite a direct forward motion thrill.


2 thoughts on “Chroma – Intermission / Knock Knock – May 20th – CIA

  1. Hi, maybe i’m being a off topic here, but I was browsing your site and it looks exceptional. I’m writing a blog and trying to make it look neat, but everytime I touch it I mess something up. Did you design the blog yourself? Could someone with little experience do it, and add updates without messing it up? Anyways, good information on here, very informative.

    • Hello there,

      The blog design is one of the templates which you can find on wordpress but I did a bit of rearrangement here and there. I’m not quite done with it to be honest. I began this with no experience of what I actually wanted to achieve but it semmed to have worked out. Just fiddle with stuff until you’re happy. You’ll eventually get things working in the order in which you want. :)And much thanks for taking out the time to have a look at my blog, glad I could be of assistance.

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